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What is Blockchain & Playtoearn Connection?

It is now very difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving technology in our world. Blockchain technology, which has entered our lives recently
has been active in many areas. Blockchain technology allows functions on networks to be decentralized and lower. Enables cost-effectiveness. Blockchain is a database system consisting of interconnected blocks. Blockchain system the playtoearn, that is, the play-win system, which entered our lives in connection with this, has reached a new video game technology.
The goal of all video game studios has been to get the most out of the player and make money off of them. So multiplayer and competitive
The pay-to-win system has been introduced to the games and many advantages have been gained for the players who contribute financially to the game. Playtoearn games, on the other hand, It makes it part of the economy of the game and allows you to earn money from the system while playing the game.
Playtoearn system is available in many nft and metaverse games. Cryptocurrencies that users can convert into real money as they play their games, tokens and nfts can be earned.
If you want to participate in Playtoearn games and earn income from them, you must first create a crypto money wallet supported by the relevant game project.
After creating the crypto wallet address of the relevant game project, you can log in to playtoearn.
There has been a great increase in the number of playtoearn games, with the NFT and metaverse world starting to attract attention recently. So don’t waste your precious time.
You need to select projects that are worthwhile. You can have an idea by watching the promotions of playtoearn projects made on our website and youtube channels. some playtoearn even if their projects take a lot of time, there are also playtoearn games called passive income. However, these may not stand up much compared to other projects.
When entering playtoearn projects, you should first examine the white page, team, supporters, these are very important factors.
You cannot earn income from all playtoearn games. That’s why you need to be very careful when investing or entering the project.

Can you make a living with Playtoearn games?

Playtoearn games, which can be the new income source of the crypto world, are being discovered by larger masses every day. In the GameFi world, more and more people are making money by playing games, but it is important to be prepared and research to make a profit, no matter what industry they are in.
We are going through a digital process where gaming is transforming from a passive hobby into a multi-billion dollar industry. According to Accenture, cryptocurrency world games are currently valued at over $300 billion due to the influx of new players seeking social interaction.
Instead of just money going to game developers and distributors, players can now earn income from cryptocurrencies or non-tradable tokens (NFTs) using their computers or smartphones in games earned by playing.
This trend has even reached major game distributors, with Ubisoft announcing its plans to launch NFTs in the next Ghost Recon game.

What is Playtoearn games, that is, Win As You Play System and How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, playtoearn games (Earn As You Play or P2E) involve earning a type of cryptocurrency by playing games. These are usually games that allow you to earn in-game currency by completing missions, winning battles, and completing other types of challenges.
You can usually exchange this in-game currency for Bitcoin, Ethereum or another token on a decentralized exchange. Sometimes you can get started for free, but sometimes you need to make an initial investment. Funds earned by playing these games can either be transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet or used to purchase other in-game items. You can also use them to buy NFTs or non-tradable tokens.
In some cases, NFTs are in-game currency. This means that players can claim ownership of in-game items and sell or trade them.
Playtoearn games and its financial benefits are a great incentive for gamers, which is why we can observe the P2E industry growing so fast.
Such projects come together under an umbrella known as GameFi, which is a combination of gaming and decentralized finance (aka DeFi).
Especially, these systems, which third world countries have started to adopt, stand out in the framework of Web3. Jambo, which embraces Africa’s Web3 transformation, can be a great example. Jambo, which has recently received investments from important companies such as Coinbase Ventures and Tiger Global, is also very active on social media.

Here’s the big question: Can I make a living playing this game?

So, you might consider quitting your job and swapping it out by playing a 9-6 game Monday through Friday to earn enough to cover rent, bills, food, clothes, and possibly all your necessities. Actually, this may not be as impossible as it sounds but it depends on how much you think you have to play. These cryptocurrency games won’t get you a heap of bitcoins. They only give you satoshis, which are a kind of “cent” of bitcoin, so they are much smaller than Bitcoin.
To put things into perspective, you would need 100 million satoshis to earn 1 bitcoin. Therefore, even if you earn 5,000 satoshi every day by playing a game, it will take some time to earn a substantial amount of bitcoin.
However, that doesn’t mean you’ve been scammed. On the contrary, you should be wary of any app that promises you large sums of money (crypto or otherwise) in a short time. No money is easy to earn and takes time and effort. The choice is yours, although it will take a lot of mastery and a lot of time to earn your entire living from these games.
What is the Playtoearn Business Model?
The Playtoearn business model is one of the latest developments in the gaming industry. It is a business model that adopts the concept of open economy and contributes financially to all players who add value to the game world. However, these new modern games are not yet seen in the new game concepts and existing game models presented.
Business models evolving around video games became commonplace as technology became accessible to audiences. In the late seventies and early eighties we used to play our games in arcades. With coins in pockets, players would compete for high scores.
Nowadays, we play games on smartphones almost everywhere. Since the games we play on smartphones are generally more superficial, when we want a more complete gaming experience, we play games on our PC or game consoles. There are business models suitable for every platform and every player.
Consumers need to purchase the game for a premium game. They do this by purchasing a license from a digital store, online or by purchasing a physical copy from a local store. The financial commitment is pretty high, as it’s customary to pay $60 for a newly released game. While this is still a huge industry, the free-to-play business model has achieved the most growth in recent years.
The free-to-play business model allows players to get a completely free game without any financial commitments. Free-to-play games are always available for download and offer consumers a limited experience. Players need to pay to speed up their progress or get special items. For example, players must pay for in-game currency, extra content, or special cosmetics for the game characters they own.
The Playtoearn business model has many similarities with the free-to-play business model. Usually a play-to-win game uses similar mechanics seen in free-to-play games. However, play-to-win games also allow players to earn money or acquire valuable digital assets.
None of the playtoearn projects on our website contain investment advice, playtoearn projects may involve a high degree of financial risk. Therefore, it is the free will of the person to enter the project.

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